Top 5 Best iPhone 7 Fast Wireless File Sharing Apps Download

File sharing is one of the most important things that we have to do several times a day. Either you need file transfer for a business perspective, or you want to have it for entertainment purpose, you can do it easily using the wireless file sharing apps on your Apple iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus. However, you can do it using the Bluetooth feature of some mobile platforms, however, when it comes to iOS, file sharing is not a strongest point.

So, in this regards, having a file sharing application is must in your iPhone that can help transferring files effectively and efficiently, even without using any cable or wire.

Best Fast File Transfer Apps - Apple iPhone 7 Plus

Top 5 Best iPhone 7 Fast Wireless File Sharing Apps Collection

Have a look at our top 5 picks of fast wireless file sharing apps for iPhone 7:

  1. Infinit – File or Data Transfer App For Apple iPhone 7 Plus

If you are looking to share unlimited files to your friend with something efficient and secure, then Infinit is the best thing that you can have. Infinit is the file sharing application certainly tailored for file sharing from one device to another. The app offers intuitive and single tap solution for file sharing problems that is claimed to be 30 times faster than the existing file sharing solutions. The app is free up to 10GB transfer size and 1 GB storage. That means, you can enjoy free file sharing within matter of seconds.

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  1. Zapya – File or Data Transfer App For Apple iPhone 7 Plus

Guess the next app on the list. well, no app list for file sharing is complete Zapya that certainly needs no introduction. This application offers the followership of more than 400 million people who get benefited by this fastest file sharing platform across the globe. This tool is super easy to use and support multiple languages that make using it much easier and simpler. Using this application, you can transfer massive files with up to the speed of 10MB per second. So, this app is must if you have to transfer and receive files on daily basis.

  1. Air Transfer – File or Data Transfer App For Apple iPhone 7 Plus

Air transfer is all in one app that comes totally free of cost. The application offers great features that most of the file sharing apps lack. The best part of this application is, just like above mentioned apps, it also offers the easiest way to transfer files between your devices. Not only this, the app supports the unlimited formats including PDFs, HTML web pages, RTF files and many others. you can send all such files with full -fledged security and complete efficiency.

  1. SHAREit – File or Data Transfer App For Apple iPhone 7 Plus

With the moto of just “Connect and Share”, SHAREit is next on the list of the best file sharing apps for iPhone 7. Using this application, you can transfer and receive files, even without any need of mobile data or Wi-Fi. Furthermore, the app also features the efficiency, which is 200 times more than that of the Bluetooth. This app also allows the users to listen to music on SHAREit Music Player ad to share apps of any format.

  1. iShareFiles – File or Data Transfer App For Apple iPhone 7 Plus

The final application on the list is the iShareFiles that can also be counted among the easy to use file sharing applications. The app lets its users to transfer any kinds of files they want, effectively, without consuming their much time. the app uses the Bluetooth feature that means, you can only transfer the files through iOS to iOS. But I admit that this application is perfect for the persons, those do not have any internet connection available nearby them.

Price: Free+
  • iShareFiles Screenshot
  • iShareFiles Screenshot
  • iShareFiles Screenshot
  • iShareFiles Screenshot

Transferring files would never be that easy! Stop relying on the USB cables and wires and do more with these file transferring apps on your Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

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