4 Best iPhone 7’s Features Making it Better than Android

Android or iOS? Which one’s best? Which one should I buy? Well, these are few questions that are revolving around the minds of many people since these two – Android and iOS came to compete. It has been the biggest rivalry in the tech market and the exact winner isn’t yet confirmed, each with its pros and cons.

4 Best iPhone 7’s Features Making it Better than Android

4 Best iPhone 7’s Features Making it Better than Android

But still, there are some facts that make iPhone be the on the mark. Ranging from its smooth performance to innovation each year, iPhone alone outweighs Android. Same is the case with iPhone 7 that has been the biggest flagship of the year 2016 and still in 2017, it continues to rule over the hearts of tons of people with its incredible features. In the following article, I am going to highlight 4 best features of iPhone 7 that makes it better than any other android phone. Read on and share your opinion in the comments.

1: Wide Color Range

Although black, silver and gold colors never go out of trends, still, there are people who love to upgrade their phones to switch their colors so that they can go with their personality and dresses as well. The addition of the new color range in the iPhone 7 is what makes it better than any Android mobile phones. Last year, there was an addition of Rose Gold in iPhone 6S and in the iPhone 7 version, there come 5 amazing shades including all new “RED”. Moreover, the Jet Black color also offers the great look to the phone.

2: iPhone 7 are More Secure

Well, regardless to say, iPhones are more secure than Android devices. iPhone 7 has, even more, security features that can easily block the viruses and can destroy them without affecting the performance of the phone. Whereas, android phones are more prone to the viruses. Moreover, the apps from the App Store for iPhone 7 are developed by the reputable companies, but this is not the case with the Android phones making phones vulnerable.

3: Dual Cameras

Apple has got the privilege to become the first ever phone with the dual camera set up. The dual camera with the wide angle ratio makes the pictures perfect with the DSLR-ick effects. Moreover, the color contrasts, sharp image details and its number of shooting modes make the iPhone 7 Plus- the phone with the best camera.

4: Smooth Performance

Performance is something that matters a lot and that is what Apple always take care of in its smartphones. Whether its speed tests or the personal experience, you would always find that Apple has got the smoothest performance than any android phone. iPhone 7 offers iOS 10 which brings greatest security features, enhanced apps and improved speed making its performance consistent.

Although you cannot get more choices from iPhone, but there are a number of features making it better than Android. iOS is always user-friendly and provide the users with the smooth experience they ever wanted.

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