5 Serious iPhone 7 Problems Exposed and Their Solutions!

As a matter of fact, iPhone 7 and 7 Plus are the great replacements to the previous models of iPhone. But the fact remains that like all other smartphones, the new flagship of the Apple iPhone 7 and 7 plus are not perfect. There are number of problems that are associated with the iPhone 7 and these problems are messing up with the fan following of Apple and its fresh arrival.

The internet is swamped with the complaints about the problems that are popping with the new iPhone 7, that influences us to highlight those errors and problems that will niggle in your iPhone 7 too.

Apple iPhone 7 Problems and Fixes

5 Serious Problems with iPhone 7 and Their Solutions

Like every problem has a solution, I have found the solution to troubleshoot the serious problems of iPhone 7 too. So, here are some common problems with iPhone 7 and their solutions:

Problem #1: Poor Quality Call on iPhone 7

This is the latest issue that hit iPhone 7, but no other smartphone. There are number of iPhone 7 users who complaint of experiencing poor quality calls, but the bad news here is that, there is no obvious fix to that solution. This problem is either in the speakers of the phone or with the wireless connectivity of the phone. However, it is reported that simply lowering the volume of the phone improves the quality on the call. Moreover, Apple Inc. also published a guideline for this problem as, Go to Settings > Sounds and drag the Ringer and Alerts slider to turn the volume up. Not only has this, Apple also appeared to be negotiating this problem by replacing the phones having such issues with the new ones.

Problem #2: The Jet Black Model Have Micro-Abrasions Already on iPhone 7

Well, this one is a very annoying problem that a brand new phone is already scratched. It is reported that the Jet Black Model of iPhone 7 that got the minds of millions of people already is prone to scratches easily and some of them already have got micro- abrasions. The solution for this problem came from company as “Jet Black model might be better off in a case.”

Problem #3: You Cannot Listen to Music and Charge the Phone Simultaneously on iPhone 7

The removal of the headphone jack in the iPhone 7 has created this problem that is very annoying, when you have to listen to music and charge the phone at the same time. So, what’s the solution for this problem? The first solution is to go with the wireless buds or to go with those “Apple’s Ludicrously Pricey Docks, (Lightning To 3.5mm Audio Jack Adapter) which have a headphone jack at its back and is capable of charge your phone at the same time, but certainly you have to spend approx. 60$ for that.

Problem #4: Poor Battery Life of iPhone 7 within Few Days of Purchase

Apple’s boast of amazing battery life in iPhone 7 has gone away with this problem, within users of iPhone 7. The battery life of the phone appears to be reducing with the advancing days and that is very concerning for people who have spent hundreds of dollars over this phone. The probable reason for this problem might be those quirky million GIFs in iMessage and number of apps in your phone. So the thing that you can do for this problem is to install another light weight app that can save your battery or also, you can just turn off Background app refresh by going to the settings.

Problem #5: An Odd Hissing Sound in iPhone 7

Along with the above mentioned problems, I have also heard of the complaints of iPhone 7 producing a strange hissing sound. There is nothing to worry about; there might be some audio effects with the A 10 processors. The only thing to solve this problem is to wait until the issue for this subsides by itself.

I hope you have found the natural fixes for your problems, but if you are facing problems other than listed above, do share with us in the comments, so that we could help you!

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