How To Access iPhone 6, 7 & 8 Contents When The Owner Dies?

Death is certain and that’s the bitter truth that we cannot deny. When someone dies, there are only his memories that are left behind with us and with the technology has its claws over us, nothing can be better than finding his memories in his smartphone.

Access Apple iPhone 6, 7 & 8 Contents When the Owner Dies

How To Access iPhone 6, 7 & 8 Contents When The Owner Dies?

Needless to say, our phones contain thousands of previous messages, pictures, contacts, videos, and data and it makes sense to access them when someone you love dies and you want to hold on those things.

But with the passcode being the most important thing in our lives, it would be difficult for us to access their phones. And Apple has designed its devices for the next level security of its users and their data and it would not unlock them if you don’t have the passcode. However, there are some ways through which you can access the iPhone contents of the user after he passes away. Consider them if you want to access the iPhone contents of your loved one!

1: By Accessing iCloud

So, the first method through which you can access the phone contents of the one who passed away is through accessing iCloud. The method is only effective for the users who used iCloud in their lives and you have access to their email account as well. You can reset the password of their iCloud account by using their email they used to log in the iCloud and possibly through this way, you can gain access to the contents you are looking for from iCloud.

2: By Erasing and Restoring the Phone

Probably the best thing to access the content of the iPhone of your loved one is by erasing and restoring the phone from a backup. You can either do it using iTunes or iCloud as well.

3: By Restoring from an iCloud Backup

For this, once again, you will need to have the access to iCloud account or to the email account of the one died. And if you have got that, you can erase the data from iPhone and restore it from an iCloud backup, that will restore all the content of the iPhone without its passcode.

4: By Restoring from an iTunes Backup

You can use this method if that person was used to connect his phone to a PC or Mac. But for this, you will also need the access to that device as well. And if you already have that, plug the iPhone into that device with a  USB -to-Lightning or USB-to-30-pin cable and open iTunes. From there, you can restore the contents of iPhone from an encrypted backup and restore the data from that.

These methods will only be useful if you have the access to email account or iCloud account of the person passed away. However, if not, unfortunately, these methods would probably not be effective.

If you have been in this situation and know else other technique to access the iPhone contents, we would be happy to hear from you. Share them with us in the comments section down below!

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