Apple To Remove 3.5 mm Audio Jack in iPhone 7 and Introduce AirPods

As we know that Apple is about to announce its brand new flagship device, that is Apple iPhone 7 on 7th September, 2016. Many people are crazy about brand new iPhone and wait eagerly for an upgrade. This time Apple is planning to make iPhone 7 further thin and to achieve this goal, they had to remove 3.5mm audio jack from iPhone 7. It means you cannot plug-in any earbuds into iPhone 7. You will need to have Best iPhone 7 Wireless Earphones. In order to deal with Samsung Gear IconX Pure Wireless Earbuds, Apple is going to introduce AirPods – Wireless Earbuds.

Apple iPhone 7 Airpods - Wireless Bluetooth Earpods

Russian website found a reference to “AirPods” in certificates issues by the EAEC, amongst others, and with Apple purportedly on the verge of doing away with the 3.5mm earphone jack on upcoming iPhones, the idea of wireless EarPods makes plenty of sense indeed.

To that end, the name AirPods makes so much sense, we think there may well be some legs to this particular rumor. Whether Apple will supply AirPods in the box along with each iPhone remains to be seen, but their existence alone does add weight to the idea that the earphone jack is not long for this world.

We already know that the AirPods trademark was filed for back in October, and while we know Apple registers anything and everything that it collectively thinks up, there is already clearly enough smoke to suggest there’s a fire somewhere.

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