How To Fix 5 Common iOS 10 Problems on iPhone 7 Plus?

Since the time of its evolution, iOS 10 continues to be one of the finest operating systems in the tech market for 2017 as well, not because of its smooth performance, but also for its great features like an improved keyboard, all-new lock screen and much more. However, with these enhanced features and amazing performance, iOS 10 offers loads of problems and issues for the users and the devices including the crashes and the bugs, that are really annoying.

In order to fix those issues, you might need to bring your device to the nearby local Apple Store, but before doing that, check the following fixes listed below for several problems that can try by yourself too.

How To Fix 5 Common iOS 10 Problems on iPhone 7 Plus?

Fix For Common iOS 10 Issues on iPhone 7 Plus

If you want to make your iPhone or devices work smoothly without any issues, just find your problem and try its respective fix.

1: App Crashes Fix for iPhone 7 Plus

Well, this is one of the common problems running in iOS 10. This is because when you update your software to iOS 10, not all the old apps will work well. So, if you are experiencing any kind of app crash with your device, try the following fix:

Fix: turn your phone off and on again and all your app crash problems would be gone. If the issue is not resolved, delete the troublesome app and reinstall it. This will surely work.

2: Running Out of Storage Fix for iPhone 7 Plus

Another common problem that most of the users with iPhone and iOS 10 are facing is the storage issue problems. Thanks to Apple Inc. that have decided to not to include any SD card to expand the memory. However, there are a number of ways to get around this issue.

Fix: Just delete the unwanted pictures and videos or check our guide to fix the storage error in iPhone.

3: Battery Life Issues Fix for iPhone 7 Plus

With the up gradation of iOS 10, the battery life becomes worse of the device. Battery life problems are among the most common issues with iOS 10 and we are going to tell you an easy fix.

Fix: there are a number of apps killing your battery life of the phone. To check what’s draining your battery, head to “Settings app” and then tap “Battery”. In this menu, you will see the list of the apps that are running in the background. Just end the app that’s draining the battery or switch to the low on power mode, that will help to prolong the remaining battery life.

4: Wi-Fi Problems Fix for iPhone 7 Plus

There are a number of Wi-Fi problems occurring in the iOS 10, that are very annoying. Before getting into any fix, we recommend checking your modem/router. If you still get problems with your known network connectivity, try the following fix.

Fix: First, forget the network causing the problems and try to reconnect it. If this fails, reset the network settings. Make sure to have the passwords handy before doing this.

5: Sound Problems Fix for iPhone 7 Plus

If you start noticing issues with the sound, here are a few things to try:

Fix: Simply restart the phone. Or peek at your speaker grille, to check if there’s any debris building up in the grille. If so, carefully remove it and get your sound problems solved.

If none of these fixes work for your iOS 10 problems, reach your local Apple Store and see if the geniuses can diagnose the problems.

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