How to Fix “iPhone Needs to Cool Down Before You Can Use it”?

The one of the most annoying things while using the phone is those unpleasant messages that appear when your phone is not happy, like “Camera flash is disabled”, “The phone needs to cool down” or even the people are facing the bad time with the message pop called “iPhone needs to cool down before you can use it”. Even after the launch of iOS 11, there comes a lot of feedback about the iPhone overheating issues.

How to Fix "iPhone Needs to Cool Down Before You Can Use it"?

Fix For: iPhone Needs to Cool Down Before You Can Use it

Just in case you don’t know, the overheated phone can cause serious problems and here are the tips that you need to know to fix it.

Some Tips to Keep Your iPhone Cool

As a matter of fact, the iPhones are designed to work in the temperature ranging from 0 to 35o C and if the temperature goes above the limit, they start to overheat and can cause a series of problems including:

  1. Disabled Charging
  2. Black or Dim display
  3. Low-power state cellular radio
  4. Disabled camera flash
  5. Or it simply stop working

When this all happens, try to switch it off at once and move it to the cooler place in order to cool it down and try the following fixes:

1: Install the Latest Updates

If you are getting this message frequently on your iPhone, the first thing that you need to do is to install the latest updates. Making sure that the applications like Safari, navigation apps, Bluetooth, maps, and Wi-Fi are updated will help you to get rid of the problem.

2: Repair your iOS System

Sometimes, the system errors can be causing the overheating problems in the iPhones. After the release of the iOS 11 update, there was a spike in overheating reports that indicates updating the OS can also cause the issues. In such scenario, repair the iOS to help prevent your phone getting overheated.

3: Uncover

This seems obvious and it really works! When the screen of your iPhone indicates the overheating issue, simply uncover it. As a matter of fact, the protection covers that we use makes the phone hotter and uncovering it will actually help.

4: Avoid Direct Sunlight

It is great to keep your phone with yourself to stay in touch with the world, but when you are out in the direct sunlight and enjoying tanning, avoid taking the phone with you. Direct sunlight can make the phone hot and avoiding it is advisable.

5: Turn Off Location Services

As a matter of fact, GPS is one of the most important things that can heat up iPhone – the most. Simply turn it off when you don’t need it by heading towards “Settings> Privacy> Off”.

6: Avoid Playing Games

Gaming is fun, but when you are playing practically advanced graphics games, you are doing harm to your phone. These games tax the processor of the phone and ultimately makes it hot. So, if you are warned with the “iPhone Needs to Cool Down” message while playing your favorite game, it is the time to stop playing.

Hopefully, these tips will help you to keep your iPhone cool and happy. If you are still facing overheating issues with your iPhone, seek professional advice from Apple Customer Services.

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