How To Fix Out of Storage Error on iPhone 5, 6 & 7 in 5 Best Ways?

Whether it is a 16 GB or a 256 GB iPhone, running out of storage is a must issue that almost all the smartphone users have to face. And I know, it is the most annoying issue that simply means you cannot take more picture, record videos and download more games and apps from the App Store. Cannot Download, Cannot Take Pictures, Cannot Record Videos are familiar errors, when you are out of storage on iPhone!

Fortunately, there are two solutions for saving your day when you already got a storage error from your phone. These are:

  1. Enabling Apple’s built-in storing saving features
  2. Deleting the data that you no longer need.

5 Best Ways To Fix Out of Storage Error on iPhone 5, 6 & 7

How To Fix Low or Out of Storage Errors on iPhone 7

There are number of reasons behind your iPhone memory decline. These are your heavy pictures, videos, apps and games, different attachments, operating system and your cache. Cache is actually the storage of your old data memory that needs to be cleaned frequently. Unfortunately, unlike the Android devices, iPhones do not contain “Clear Cache” option, that can be the major reason of your lack of storage memory.

So what you can do to get rid of the iPhone storage full popup? Here are some easy fixes that you can try:

1: Delete All Unused Apps

There are often many apps in the phone that goes unused for weeks and months. In order to fulfil your memory needs, you need to go through every single app in your phone that you have downloaded. If you find any creep around on your home screen, delete them immediately.

2: Delete Unwanted Photos & Videos

Well, it’s never my favorite option to delete the photos of your from your phone, in order to free MBs. But it will be counted as the massive help even if you delete a few photos and few videos.

3: Reset all Settings

This will not resent or damage any of your data, instead erase your settings and preferences, so that all your data like music, photos, videos and contacts will be safe.

4: Turn Off iCloud Drive

Regardless to say, iCloud is the cool feature that can allow the user to access files from the iOS device connected to iCloud. However, it sucks most of the memory from your iPhone. So, in order to create more space on your phone, turn off the iCloud Drive.

5: Clear Safari Cache

As mentioned, the apps installed on the phone draws the most memory. You can free up the space from your phone by deleting this cache from Safari. This is a great tip that you can free over GBs from your iPhone by using it.

Moreover, you can also tweet @AppleSupport in order to letting them know of your phone storage issue. Then keep an eye on your direct messages, they would get a reliable solution for you. Now try these tips and thanks me later!

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