iPhone 8 or 7S Is Going To Be the Most Expensive iPhone Ever!

“The iPhone 8 will be about luxury, about the high price, about fashion statements and new technology.”

We know that the whole world is waiting for the iPhone 8, we are too. But the thing is that Apple has decided its launch date and it is going to be launched in September. Well, the phone is worth waiting because it is going to offer the firm looks and decent features, just like Apple is used to offer. However, along with the amazing design and specs, the upcoming flagship from Apple – iPhone 8 is going to be the most expensive model ever.

iPhone 8 Specs, Price & Release DateiPhone 8 or 7S Is Going To Be the Most Expensive iPhone Ever!

Last year, when Apple launched its last flagship, the iPhone 7 came with the typical features, while its variant, iPhone 7 Plus came with some latest features including dual camera set, larger screen, larger battery and more RAM. These premium features of the iPhone 7 Plus came with the bigger price tag as well “that has been beneficial for the company”, according to financial services firm Cowen & Co.

Not only this, financial services firm Cowen & Co claimed that iPhone 7 is responsible for an increase of almost 17 percent of total units of iPhone 7 sold in December quarter. And Financial services firm UBS also suggested that the increased sales and price of the iPhone 7 Plus will amount to a two per cent rise in revenue for Apple. If these estimates are correct and hold merit, Apple will likely encourage to follow the suit to release the premium models, this year too with the release of iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.

iPhone 8 or 7S Is Going To Be the Most Expensive iPhone Ever!

So What iPhone 8 Cost Should be?

A number of reports have been around the internet regarding the price point of iPhone 8 and it is found that the base level iPhone 8 will cost nearly $1000. The bump in the price might look shaking at once, but given the features and sleek design of this upcoming flagship, the amount doesn’t seem that unreasonable.

However, as a matter of fact, Apple is not the company that is seen to make prominent changes in its product lines, but if they are going to beat the Samsung Galaxy S8/S8 Plus, the iPhone 8 should be seen as a brand new category of the iPhone. And with that, its price is already expected to break $1000 for the base model.

High End iPhone 8 Features

The entry level iPhone 8 is going to come with the basic features, while the other variants that are going to price higher will consist of the following features including:

  1. 256GB storage
  2. 8” OLED Screen
  3. No Bezel, all screen
  4. 3D Sensing
  5. DRAM Memory
  6. A11 Processor
  7. No home button
  8. Biometric authentication
  9. Wireless Charging

These features will add almost $50 to the asking price of the basic level iPhone 8. However, with these features, the phone does not seem that much outrageous. And if it looks this good, Apple fans won’t mind paying!

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