What Are The Features of Brand New iPhone X?

Finally, the day of unveiling event of Apple’s new iPhone is drawing near and there are lots of questions popping in the minds of Apple freaks. Ranging from what the latest news is regarding iPhone X to what is new in its design and specs, we have covered everything in this post that you might be wondering right now. Don’t worry if you have not been following the rumors and leaks swirling around the iPhone X over the last few months because we have got you covered.

New Features Can We Expect In the iPhone X

What New Features Can We Expect In the iPhone X?

Here’s everything that you need to know regarding iPhone X.

1: New Design

According to a number of rumors and reports, we have finally come to the conclusion that Apple’s upcoming phone – iPhone X is going to pass from a major redesign. The redesign is going to transform the phone from a usual looking smartphone to the futuristic looking front offering bezel- free OLED display with the amazing back design. Water and dust resistance has also been included. The new all screen design of iPhone Ten (X) has also got inspirations from Samsung Galaxy S8 / Plus.

2: Face Scanning Camera

The other big update that is likely to come with the iPhone X is its front face scanning camera which is giving serious biometric scanning goals to the other smartphones about to come. The main focus of this face- scanning camera is for security purposes that will be used to unlock the phone in milliseconds simply by looking at it. The recent leak about the Apple’s iPhone X suggests that this Face-Scanning Camera will be called Face ID that will replace Apple’s Touch ID for the good.

3: $999+ Price

Many rumors revealed that this flagship from Apple is going to be the most expensive phone in the world, with the basic starting at $999. The previous version of iPhone – iPhone 7 is offering a choice between the smaller phones for $649, $749, or $849 depending on its variants, while the larger version – iPhone 7 Plus adds extra $120 to the given prices for its larger screen and dual camera setup. Assuming these prices, it starts to look that iPhone X is the first to break a four figure price tag.

4: New Color

With the major redesign and new features, the upcoming iPhone X is going to come in three colors including Jet Black, Silver/White and Blush Gold version having more of a bronzer tone. With the addition of Rose Gold to the iPhone 7 and then the red one, it was so expected that iPhone X would bring a new hue for its fans and so it is rumored.

What New Features Can We Expect In the iPhone X?

5: Wireless Charging

Thanks to Apple, this feature applies to its entire line of phones, be its iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, 8 or whatever is coming up. According to the various rumors, it has been suggested that Apple is using the slower version of Qi charging technology, but still there remains no official confirmation from Apple.

So excited? Well, you should be because these new features of iPhone X by Apple are really awesome. What do you think of the new iPhone X? Let us know!

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