New iPhone 8 Color May Be Called ‘Blush Gold’

iPhone 8 is only a few days away from us and we cannot help imagine its next week’s launch event. Along with its fresh new design and futuristic features, Apple is said to be working on the new iPhone that could come with a new color. We have covered the features of the upcoming iPhone 8 in our recent posts, but this time, we have got something different for our expected iPhone 8.

Apple iPhone 8 To Be Available in Blush Gold Color Option

Apple iPhone 8 To Be Available in Blush Gold Color Option

As a matter of fact, Apple never fails to surprise its fans with new features and new colors. With the release of Red color in iPhone 7, the Apple enthusiasts might be wondering if there’s any new shade coming along the upcoming iPhone 8. And for them, there is a good news.

Yes, you have heard it right. Apple is planning to surprise its fans with a fresh hue, along with silver and black and that hue is expected to be “Blush Gold”. A well-known Apple watcher, Benjamin Geskin, tweeted about the new color of iPhone 8 and we are loving it. The tweet that Geskin posted along with the SIM tray came viral over the numerous sources including CNET. Not only this, his tweet claimed more about the sexy “Blush Gold” iPhone 8 that it would come with 64GB and 128GB capacities. That is a bit disappointing that Apple limited the Blush Gold model to 64GB and 128GB while giving the Jet Black Model the highest end with 128GB and 256GB capacities.

Geskin posted on Weibo from “Foxconn insider” as, “Foxconn’s internal name of the new #iPhone8 color is “Blush Gold” (红金) Barcode says “Blush Gold 64GB / 128GB”.

If this tweet of Geskin’s holds truth, Blush Gold is quite an interesting yet sexiest color choice. The color have slightly varied tone from “Rose Gold” of previous iPhone and it is not quite “Orange” and not quit “Gold” but more of bronzer shade.

Not only Geskin’s tweet claimed the fact, but the active security analyst from Apple Inc. also claimed the same. According to him, the new iPhone 8 will come in three different color choices including copper gold, white, and black. He further added that iPhone 8 will launch on time alongside the iPhone 7s, though it will be in limited in terms of supply.

The Blush Gold color of iPhone 8 is expected to come with white front bezel design, unlike its black variant. However, this still remains a mystery until any official news from Apple appears on the screen.

Unfortunately, till date, Apple is notoriously secretive about its upcoming flagship and would not reveal any details until the unveiling event of iPhone 8 on 12th September. Moreover, it is difficult to say whether the picture of SIM tray that Geskin revealed are faked or actually the real thing for Apple’s next iPhone 8.

What do you think of this new Blush Gold color for upcoming iPhone 8? Is it worth getting? Share your views in your comments below!

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