Pioneer Rayz Plus iPhone 7 Earbuds Can Do Charging While Listening Music

The fact, iPhone 7 / 7 Plus is an awesome phone that is flooded with the features that all iPhone fans wanted. However, there are some problems with the phone that provided the users of the latest technology with some drawbacks.

Pioneer Rayz iPhone 7 Earbuds That Can Charge While Listening Music

Among those problems surrounding Apple’s removal of the headphone jack from its latest flagship, the loudest problem by the iPhone 7 users is “how to charge the phone while listening to the music simultaneously?” The only answer from Apple Inc. so far was the use of wireless headphones. But that was not the accurate answer to the question provided the nerds who love to listen music and charge the phone at the same time. So, Pioneer introduced a pair of headphones that have the dongle right in it.

Pioneer Rayz Plus iPhone 7 Earbuds Solved the Dumbest Problem in iPhone 7

Thanks to the Pioneer, who have introduced weird earbuds for iPhone 7 and solved its dumbest problemof removal of headphone jack. These feature packed “smart” earphones consists of the Lightening port, allowing it to charge by your iPhone, iPad, while listening to the music.

Moreover, these earbuds from Pioneer also include the noise cancelling and auto pause feature with the inclusion of 6 microphones, when you pull the earbuds out of your ear. You might thinking that it’s not that groundbreaking concept in the era of technology, but you should admit, that these earphones from Pioneer are most slickly designed for Apple, without themselves needing a battery or charging.

Not only this, there is also a “HearThru” mode, through which one can also participate in the environmental chatting, as it lets a little outside noise in. Besides this, there is also a smart button inserted in the Pioneer Rayz Earbuds, which can mute the mics during the call and also can be programmed to open apps or control other features.

So, if you are a music person and sick of the iPhone 7’s dumbest problem, you are ought to have these amazing ear  pieces that are out in the US now with the basic Rayz cost of $99.95 and Rayz Plus costing $149.95.

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