Top 10 New iOS 11 Features That Apple Has Just Announced

iPhone 8 is few weeks ahead of us and it is already been popular among the Apple’s enthusiasts. Although the news bouncing around regarding the iPhone 8 are not yet confirmed by the company, but, on June 5, 2017, Apple previewed iOS 11, that is going to be a breakthrough in the tech world.

Top 10 New iOS 11 Features That Apple Has Just Announced

10 New iOS 11 Features That Apple Has Just Announced

According to the preview, the iOS 11 especially focusses on the productivity of the iPad and offers a powerful array of features for iPhones above 5s. So, this article contains a roundup of all the major features updated in iOS 11.

1: Revamped Siri

Regardless to say, Siri is one of the most powerful features of iOS and that has been even more enhanced in the newest version of iOS – 11. The substantial improvement in the Siri allows it to perform various productive features behind the scenes including:

  1. New male and female voices that are natural and expressive
  2. Voice adjusting features including the pitch, emphasis, tempo, and intonation
  3. Translation into various languages including Mandarin, German, Italian, French and Spanish
  4. Besides this, Siri becomes customized using your browsing history in Safari.

2: Redesigned App Drawer on Messages

iOS 11 has also made improvements in its Messages App in order to provide convenience to the user. The App Drawer feature on the Messages app has become simplified with sharing contents such as Apple Music, Starbuck Gifts etc.

3: Expanded Apple Pay

Now you can pay your friends using expanded Apple Pay feature on the iOS 11. As discussed earlier, the App Drawer feature on Messages App offers simplified options, there is also an option designated as “Apple Pay” that you can use for payment. It is boasted that when you and your friend is discussing money, Siri would suggest you using Apple Pay for the purpose.

4: Camera/Photos/Videos Update

The photography addicts might be looking for this update and there it is. The camera in the iOS 11 has been updated to support High-Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC) meaning, a support for better compression without compromising the quality. The Live Photos have become editable. Moreover, the memories can be rotated to portrait or landscape while watching.

5: Redesigned Control Center

The Control Center in iOS 11 is completely redesigned, offering the users with a complete new experience and customized controls. The users can swipe up to access the frequent and important settings like Volume, Brightness etc.

6: Indoor Malls and Airport Maps Supported

Apple announced that with iOS 11, the Maps will support the indoor malls and airport maps as well. The indoor maps will allow you to see the directions for the restaurants, shops in the malls. Another important feature that has been added to Maps is the lane guidance, that will help the user to navigate through the recommended lane. And the Apple Map will show you the speed limit of the road while driving.

7: Do Not Disturb While Driving

Apple has considered safety measures in iOS 11 by adding “Do Not Disturb While Driving” feature. The feature would help the drivers to stay focused on the road automatically by silencing the notifications and they can send an auto-reply to your contacts in favorites so that they know you are driving.

Top 10 New iOS 11 Features That Apple Has Just Announced

8: AirPlay Updated

The AirPlay is turned into AirPlay 2 with the updated iOS 11. The new player offers the multi-room audio streaming. Moreover, you can adjust the settings of AirPlay 2 using the Control Center and Siri as well.

9: Improvements in App Store

According to the iOS 11 preview, the Apple is completely revamping its App Store’s user interface. It would feel like the Apple Music App with tabs titled at the bottom as “Today”, “Games”, “Apps”, “Updated”, “Featured”.

10: Updated Features for iPad

Apple also focused on the features of iPad as well. Some of the features that are going to be updated in iOS 11 for iPad include:

  1. Support for bigger App Dock
  2. New Slide Over Feature
  3. New App Switcher
  4. Drag-and-Drop
  5. 3D Touch Tab Switching For Safari

Moreover, One-Handed Keyboard, Apple Music update and Apple News update are also a part of iOS 11 features, making it one of the biggest updates in Apple’s history. What are your thoughts about iOS 11 features? Please leave a comment!

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