Top 5 Reasons To Buy Apple iPhone 7

Well, well, well, iPhone 7 are here in the market and most of the people are looking for the answer to this question that “Should I buy iPhone 7?” Although, there might be some articles that would explain the reasons to not to buy it, on internet, but at the same time, there are some very powerful reasons that make it quite evident that you need to buy one.

To this, I might say that you don’t need a reason to buy iPhone 7, however if you are really looking for those reasons, then, you have to read on to know why you should get:

Reasons to Buy Apple iPhone 7

Top 5 Reasons of Buying iPhone 7

So, here, check out the best reasons that can compel the user to buy iPhone 7:

Reason #1: Screen Size of iPhone 7

Screen size is probably one of the biggest reasons why people switch to the new model devices. So, if you are also looking to get your screen size of phone changed, then no option is better than iPhone 7. Just like its predecessors, iPhone 7 has got all the earmarks of being the most loved among its customers, because of its screen size, 4.7 inches. Although there are some other devices with huge screens than this, like iPhone 6S, but, this screen size, in my opinion is the best and the most appropriate one, because it is a good fit for your pockets as well as for your hand.

Reason #2: Better Processor in iPhone 7

The next feature that is just so amazing is its processor that will influence any person to buy iPhone 7. The new flagship of Apple got the brand new 64 bit A10 Fusion chipset, designed by Apple for the maximum performance and seamless efficiency. this processor of iPhone 7 has a quad-core CPU with two high performance cores along with energy efficient cores that support the long term battery life. besides this, A10 also contains hexa- core GPU that is not less than 50 percent faster and efficient than the previous version of its GPU in iPhone 6.

Reason #3: Sapphire Glass and Liquidmetal Chassis on iPhone 7

Just like Apple Watch, t6he new series of iPhone are rumored to utilize the Sapphire Glass and Liquidmetal Chassis in its display that adds to the sleek look and design of the iPhone 7. Moreover, the Sapphire glass that is being used in the display of iPhone 7 instead of Gorilla Glass is way stronger than that, so it could be a perfect match for a huge display. So, the stronger display would definitely be a powerful reason to buy an iPhone 7.

Reason #4: Camera of iPhone 7

Well, camera is just another thing that determines the quality of the phone, in the present age. And iPhone is something that is having the best camera, so far in the race of smartphones. So, iPhone 7 is not lagging behind and it has got the finest camera with 12 MP rears, that is much more improved as one in its predecessors. Not only a single, but the back of iPhone 7 consists of two 12 MP units at the back to provide the users with the best camera time, he could ever have.

Reason #5: New Home Button on iPhone 7

Last but certainly not the least one, for the first time in the history of iPhone, Apple introduced the iconic Home Button to its new flagship with the amazing change. The home button of the phone is powered by “Taptic Engine” and is force touch sensitive. So, using its home button offers the 3D touch response, that’s never been a part of any other smartphone until now.

Reasons to Buy iPhone 7

Which reason would you consider to buy an iPhone 7? Do share with us in the comments below.

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