How To Transfer Music or Songs in iPhone 7 Plus From iTunes with PC?

Music has the power to keep us connected to our lives and keep us inspired, touched and relaxed. So how can it be missing from one’s phone? Although with the new iPhone 7, the headphone jack has been removed, however, you still, can enjoy some amazing and your favorite songs on your brand new tech device.

In order to download music and songs on the iPhone 7, you have two methods that you can use; the iTunes or some music app. Among these methods, the most commonly used and the typical one is using the iTunes, that can be used to transfer music from computer to iPhone 7 without any hassle.

If you are unaware of this fact, let us make you aware and help you to transfer your favorite music into iPhone 7 from iTunes with PC.

Transfer Music to iPhone 7 Plus from iTunes with PC

With iTunes, you can easily sync your favorite music and songs to your iPhone 7 Plus. If you don’t know how, follow the below mentioned steps to get it done.

Step 1: Launch iTunes

How To Transfer Music or Songs in iPhone 7 Plus From iTunes with PC?

As it is the guide through which you can transfer songs from iTunes on your PC to iPhone 7, you need to have the latest version of iTunes on your desktop installed. If not, click “Help” menu and select the “Check for updates” options and allow it to install the recent updates. After this, you need to drag and drop the music files from your computer into the library section at the top of the left column in iTunes.

Step 2: Connect your iPhone 7 to PC using USB Cable

After transferring music files to the library of your iTunes desktop app, connect your iPhone 7 to your PC using your data cable. Your device will appear on the top of the iTunes. Then click the iPhone icon and open the “Music Tab” and check the Sync Music Box. You can check the Entire Music Library, if you want to sync all the tracks in your iTunes library. After that, Check the “Apply” button to sync the music you want to your iPhone 7.

Some Quick Tips to Sync Music / Songs on iPhone 7 Plus

  1. After you turn on your Syncing for Music, you will find some additional options to customize your settings in your iPhone. In order to sync the contents that you want in your iPhone, you have to select the sync options that would appear on your screen.
  2. After you turn on your syncing, your contents sync each time whenever you connect your iPhone 7 to your computer and have launched iTunes.
  3. If you see a message appearing on you’re your screen called, “Your content could not be synced”, your computer might not be authorized for that content. For that, you need to ensure that your computer must be authorized for the type of the content you are trying to sync.

So, its quick and easy to transfer music and songs from your PC to iPhone 7 using iTunes. The only thing you need is know how of how it is being done!

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