What Are Unique Features of Upcoming Apple iPhone 8?

With a few months away, iPhone 8 has become the most awaited phone of the year along with Samsung Galaxy S8. Regardless to say, every year, people look up to these two companies to offer their flagships so that they can upgrade their phones according to the new technologies and to experience fresh trends in tech markets out there.

With iPhone 8 expected to be on the market shelves soon, there are a lot of things that people are wondering about. What does Apple cram inside its new model? What would it look like? Would there be any headphone jack, unlike its previous model iPhone 7? Hopefully, you will get the answers to all your questions in this article.

What Are Unique Features of Upcoming Apple iPhone 8?

Here are the most interesting and the possibly true rumors surrounding the iPhone 8.

Unique iPhone 8 Features You Need To Know

Whatever the Apple includes in its new flagship, the fact is it would always incorporate a new set of features and trends, that consumers would fall for. Here are some interesting rumors to note that are likely to be included in the Apple’s next phone.

1: An Enriched Screen

According to the Korea Herald, this time out, Apple ditched its bi-annual design refresh cycle and is going to introduce the new and fresh look to its yet- to- be introduced phone – iPhone 8. Apple has purchased expensive OLED screens from Samsung, while that’s not good news regarding its brightness, contrasts, and colors, but they are more power efficient. However, its enhanced and transition to plastic and curvy shape a good thing to listen, after all.

2: The Home Button is gone for Good

Being predicted for long, finally, Apple has decided to make this prediction turn into reality. It turns that Apple is not including the Home Button in its new flagships and its TouchID capabilities now can be carried out through the OLED panels. Now, simply touching anywhere on the screen can unlock the phone or optical sensors can take the picture of your finger in order to authenticate the user. With this, we can say that the future is really coming!

3: Prepare to Enter a 3D Demesne

It’s a fact that iPhones cameras are already ranked among the most competent cameras in the smartphone market. But in the future with the coming iPhone 8, Apple has decided to take it to the next level. The camera of the expected phone is going to incorporate something extra special – 3D scanner, that can build the 3D image of the object using advanced level sensor technology. Moreover, the implications for AR application are also enormous, just as the security implications.

4: Wireless Charging

Until mid-2015, wireless charging was not that possible on a phone with a metal back. Since Apple has switched its design that effectively meant that the company can offer the wireless charging. Recent rumors have suggested that the new technology of wireless charging is going to be implicated in iPhone 8, which would let the users charge their devices even at a distance from the socket.

5: Headphone Jack

Well, as Apple has killed the headphone jack in its previous version, it is again not included in the expected version. According to a source, Apple is investing in making it easy for the customers to buy headphones that are compatible with the new device easily, making the absence of headphone jack, not a problem anymore.

Moreover, expect the iPhone 8 then to be quicker than the past models, with more RAM, improved battery life, enhanced performance and potentially increased storage. For now, that’s all we know about iPhone 8. Stay tuned to get latest news and information about Apple’s new version.

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